Wars of Ruhlana

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Order of Creation

Lord Olwe (Creator Deity)
The Galuian (Angelic Beings)
Elves (Elves of the Misty Isles & Mainland Elves) & Forest Faye Folk (Pixies/Gnomes/Sprites/etc.)
Men/Dwarves/Griffins/Dragons (both Firedrakes and Silverscales) /Gnolls/Centaurs/Goblins

The Account of Creation:
Before the world began, before time and before substance, there existed only one god. His name was Railin. Railin created the heavenly beings which he called the Galuian, and they were ever in his presence. And Railin gathered them together in his heavenly hall and said unto them, “Let us go out into the void and i shall begin a new work. This work shall i show thee and give thee charge over all which i create.” And Railin left his hall and his courts in the heavens and walked out into the void, which had neither shape nor color, and he began to sing. The melody which he sang has never been heard by mortal ears, and yet it was that song that fashioned all that can be seen and heard, felt and touched. Every race which dwells upon the earth and every beast of every kind was created from Railin’s song. Yet one of the Galuian, whose name was Gwairth, grew restless in his heart and said within himself, “Why is it that Railin seeks to replace us. We were the firstborn of his creation and we are not enough for him.”
As Gwairth continued to watch his master at work creating the universe and all that lies within, he grew exceedingly bitter and thought within himself “I will slay Railin and sit upon his throne and will rule over all of this as judge and king.” Immediately, Railin perceived this intent which Gwairth had devised in his heart and when he had finished his song and had returned to his heavenly hall, he charged all of the Galuian to depart from his presence for a time. And when they had gone out on their own into the heavenly courts, Gwairth realized that Railin was more powerful than he, and sought the help of his comrades from among the Galuian, some of whom planned to aid him in his dark deed.
This band of betrayers waited until Railin called all of the Galuian into his throne room, yet before they could mount their assault, Railin with a mighty shout, expulsed them out into the void and shut the gates of his heavenly citadel to them forever.
It wasn’t a long time spent in their encampment in the void before their loyalty to Gwairth began to waver. It was when Gwairth declared war against the hold citadel that his army splintered into factions and began to war against Railin but also against one another. These different factions of exiled rebel Galuian appeared unto the race of man for they were numerous upon the earth declaring themselves to be gods and goddesses and men believed and turned away from the knowledge and praise of Railin. Railin became myth and myth became legend. Eventually man had forgotten Railin completely.
Railin in his wrath gathered the older and more faithful races onto the isle of Ruhlana and surrounded the island in a magical mist which prevents any living being from entering or leaving. Even these other races eventually passed into folklore in the memory of man.
Ages later, a band of humans slaves and rebels led by Icarus find their way to the isle of Ruhlana and forge a new existence.
Now Lord Railin has called upon an eclectic band of heroes to fulfill their destinies and stand against those fallen Galuian who dared to show themselves in the holy land of Ruhlana. This is thier story. These are the Chronicles of Ruhlana.


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