Bedal Barduk


Player = Michael Hincle
Character = Bedal Barduk
Race = Doppleganger
Class = Paladin

HP = 16
Strength = 17
Speed = 15
Wisdom = 16
Charisma = 14

Character Level 1 Save Throws
Poison = Normal
Paralysis/Freeze = Normal
Burn = Normal
Charm/Mindslave = Normal

Racial Ability = Shapeshift = A doppleganger may shapeshift into any living thing it has enountered for 2 turns per level of the caster.

Class Ability = Full heal and heal touch

Magic Missile = 3d6 – drop one = base damage.

Repulse = Effect = Knocks a foe back 2 spaces per level. Knockback caps out out at 10 spaces. At level 11 this ability gains +2 damage per level past Level 10.

Heal Level 1 = Heal oneself +2 HP per level of the caster OR Heal others +1 HP per level of the caster.


1 slot
Roll 2d6 when on the on or near water. Score 6 or higher to make a catch. The Game Lord decides the catch and its size.

1 slot
Allows Character to prepare food.

1 slot
Roll 2d6 when on the hunt. Score 8 or higher to make a kill. The Game Lord decides the animal slain and its size.

2 slots
Discloses the direction that the creature being tracked traveled. The amount of detail disclosed is at the disgression of the Game Lord. This ability cuts the required score for hunting by half

Great Sword/1 handed/3d6 + strength

Plate Mail/AC=3

Treasure =
0 S
4000 G
0 P


Bedal Barduk grew up in a peaceful tribe of nomadic dopplegangers in the vast forest in northern Ruhlana. One night his tribe’s encampment was attacked by Gnolls, from which few survived. From that day on, Bedal dedicated his life to Railin that he could protect all innocents from the reckless hate of all evil beings.
A paladin will not kill a foe that is unable to defend itself.
A paladin cannot keep money for himself, except enough for provisions and the upkeep of his armor and weaponry due to an oath of poverty. He may choose to donate to another member of the party to which he belongs.
At level 10 a paladin can bless a weapon to enchant it with ability decided by the Game Lord.
He can use the spell “Smite” once per day. “Smite” deals damage in as many d6s as the character’s level to any target foe in a clear line of sight from the paladin.
A paladin gains access to spellbooks like a mage but only starts the game with 3 spell slots and learns 1 new spell every time a mage would gain 2. See the Spell-caster Spell Progression Chart.

Bedal Barduk

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